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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. comes clean. where the lies i view this situation as one big lie. >> after shaming and even suing his accusers lance armstrong comes clean, where the lies end and the truth begins. - that stu >> last thing she said to me was i love you. >> he was inspired by a stanford student who died of cancer, only that student was a hoax. the tangled web of lies surrounding a college football star and a fake cardinal. woman who had to f >> reporter: can you explain what happened? >> and then there is the san jose woman who fought off a kidnapper to protect her 2-year-
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old daughter. only that never happened either. so what happens when you lie to police? good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. after years of denying it he finally admitted to the dirty truth. tonight during an interview with oprah lance armstrong said he cheated to gain the upper hand to win seven tour de france titles. cbs5 reporter juliette goodrich watched the interview and tells us how armstrong justified years of cheating to himself. juliette? >> ken, part one tonight, it was a 90 minute interview. the conditions of the interview, that there were no conditions. right out the gate oprah asked lance armstrong about using performance enhancing drugs. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> yes or no, was one of those banned substances apo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to
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enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> reporter: the seven time tour de france winner now stripped of his titles and banned for life telling a much different story, the truth. >> i view this situation as one big lie. >> reporter: after years of denials under oath. >> how many times do i have to say it? >> were you a bully? >> yeah, yeah. i was a bully. >> reporter: armstrong said he didn't invent the dope and banned substance culture, but he didn't stop it either. >> my cocktail, so to speak, was only epo but not a lot, transfusions and testosterone which in a weird way i almost justified because of my history obviously with testicular cancer. >> reporter: was he afraid of getting caught? armstrong said no. >> did you feel in any way that
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you were cheating? >> no. >> reporter: he said even looked up the definition of cheating. it read gaining an upper hand on a competitor. >> i didn't view it that way. i viewed it as a level playing field. >> armstrong says he will spend the rest of his life trying to earn back trust and apologize many person to many people and he knows some won't forgive, one of them the wife of a former teammate frankie andrew. she spoke out tonight after the interview. >> he owed it to me. you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball of what you've done to me, what you've done to my family and you couldn't own up to it and now we're supposed to believe you? fact.... tomorro >> part two of lance armstrong's interview airs tomorrow. tonight he was very matter of fact. tomorrow night a much different lance armstrong. he gets emotional, even breaks down when he talks about his
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children, his mother and stepping down from live strong. >> it's amazing. this guy has fallen so far in the eyes of so many. thank you. now the college football star who was inspired to greatness by a cancer stricken girl friend that never existed. according to notre dame university linebacker manti te'o was duped into an online relationship that turned out to be a hoax, but somehow the hoax snowballed into the inspirational tale of an athlete playing through the grief of his girl friend's death. here's a clip of tonight's cbs evening news. >> manti te'o had been riding a wave of sympathy and celebrity all season due to the mellow dramatic tale of his college girl friend from stanford. te'o described her as a victim of not only a car accident, but also leukemia who supposedly died last september ending a long distance mostly online
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romance with the linebacker. >> a stanford student, the victim of a car accident and leukemia, the subject of a heartwrenching tale of american sports drama, yet she never existed. tonight there are plenty of questions for te'o, notre dame and yes, the media, but another question we have, how did no one, no one at stanford ever stop and say wait, why haven't i ever heard of this poor girl? cbs5 reporter linda yee went to the farm looking for answers. >> reporter: as the story goes, that love match was made right here, stanford stadium october 9th , 2011. that's when notre dame came to play the cardinal. as you say, this is a university with some of the most brilliant minds. how is it no one here questioned who was this stanford girl with this tragic love story with a football star? miles bennett concedes he got beat. his whole sports reporting
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staff at the stanford daily dead. they had no idea notre dame football star -- did. they had no idea notre dame football star manti te'o supposedly was a stanford student. >> i would have seen all sorts of stuff on facebook. very all these mutual friends. a -- i have all these mutual friends. a lot of my friends are football players, different athletes on campus. >> reporter: and nobody knew about this? >> absolutely nothing. >> reporter: it never hit any social media? >> nothing. >> reporter: bennett smith said no one on campus heard that girl friend lennay kekua supposedly went to school here. >> in the interviews you see all this emotion. in the subsequent followup pieces you see all the talk of this and in most of those pieces, 99, 95% of them, there's no mention of stanford. >> reporter: you would have caught it right then? >> i hope so. if i hadn't caught it then, then i would really not be doing my job and neither would many of my staff. >> reporter: specifically remembers that grief stricken
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interview te'o gave espn last fall. >> i cried. i yelled. i never felt that way before. this is six hours ago i just found my grandma passed away and you take, you know, the love of my life, last thing she said to me was i love you. >> reporter: it turns out the woman in the photo is a former high school classmate of the man possibly implicated in the hoax. she was track down at her home in southern -- tracked down at her home in southern california. >> not commenting. so contact my legal attorneys and they'll be out. >> reporter: just tell me are you doing okay, though? >> thank you. >> reporter: bennett smith of sports illustrated writer did a cover story on the heartbreak te'o was going through may have made the biggest mistake when he contacted stanford last october and administrators told him she did not attend the university. >> pete sammo couldn't confirm the details of the accident,
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couldn't confirm any of that kind of stuff and so instead of pursuing that further he pulled that information out of the story. >> reporter: we tried to talk to some of the stanford football players here tonight, but i was greeted with people saying we're not allowed to talk. elizabeth? >> linda, te'o's story was such a source of inspiration for so many people. is there any sense of anger there by stanford students that their school was intentionally brought into this hoax? >> reporter: well, the hanger really is with the stanford daily staff -- anger really is with the stanford daily staff. they are understandably angry that they didn't break the story this was a hoax, but because it was a hoax it never occurred to them that they had anything to check. so when you ask any students, they really don't know who this girl is because in reality she didn't exist. >> lots of levels to this story. i'm sure we'll keep following it. thank you. we also learned today the attempted kidnapping of a san
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jose toddler was a hoax, made up. the mother lied to police about it and tonight the question on everyone's mind is why would you do that? cbs5 reporter kiet do is live in san jose, another lie, kiet. >> reporter: yeah. the only person who can answer that question is the mother herself. it was a whopper of a story. she said a man came to her front yard, grabbed her daughter by the ankles. they got into a tug of war struggle over the toddler like she was some kind of a rag doll. the whole thing was a lie. now a lot of people are angry. can you explain what happened? after plunging the neighborhood into fear it was the burning question. everybody just wants to know why. she may not be talking, but san jose police did not mince their words about the mother who reported a fake kidnapping attempt. >> despicable. you can't say enough about somebody who presents information like this especially when you're dealing with kids and to think about
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the lies that she created. >> reporter: tuesday evening san jose police said the mother called about a bold abduction and even came in to help make a sketch, but the day after just 10 minutes of repeated questioning she confessed. >> at least she came clean and finally admitted to it and stopped waste everybody's time. >> reporter: police became suspicious when canvassing the neighborhood for witnesses and surveillance video turned up nothing. they zeroed in on the mother after learning she had a criminal history but did not elaborate. >> there was a lot of anger with the amount of resources not only for our detectives who are out there trying to solve legitimate crimes. >> reporter: yesterday when we talked to nicole ipalito, she was emphatic about her mother's story. >> that's my baby sister. i would be devastated if something happened to her. >> reporter: but today she wasn't talking. neighbors went from anger and fear to shock. >> the whole thing was fake. >> are you serious? >> reporter: i kid you not.
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>> wow, wow. that's a little disturbing, then. >> bizarre. >> reporter: melissa belvedere said she even got warnings from her kids school and had to remind them about stranger danger. >> i was angry because i thought wow, she put us through a lot of anxiety. >> reporter: it's now up to the da to file charges of making a false police report. if convicted, the mother faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. kiet do, cbs5. he was just trying to be a good neighbor. instead an oakland man got a real life lesson in the dangers of crime fighting and he told cbs5 reporter joe vazquez he had a hard time to get police to come back him up. >> when the bell wasn't answered, they started kicking on the door. >> reporter: george fraser of the red heights section of oakland said he couldn't believe it when around 1:30 in the afternoon he saw three machine trying to burglarize
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his neighbors -- men trying to burglarize his neighbor's house. he called 911 and was put on house while they were trying to get inside. >> i'm standing on the phone and they're standing there trying to get in the car and the guy took a shot at me like this and the bullet is right in the wall over there. see that black mark. and i could hear it. it was a report and i could feel the air as the bullet went by, a little breeze, and then my neighbor came running out and said did you hear the gunshot? >> reporter: frazier said it felt like he was on hold for 10 minutes with 911, not even close. >> in this particular case it wasn't 10 minutes. it was about 2 1/2 minutes, but 2 1/2 minutes can seem like a very long time and we understand that. >> reporter: oakland police spokesperson jonna watson said once frazier got through to a dispatcher cops were sent immediately. a lot of people might think 911, i don't expect to be put on hold. >> the system we have in place, our no.
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1 preference would be when you dial 911 immediately you go right into a dispatcher and we can start gathering that pertinent information to help you. the reality is depending on call volume you're going to go into what we call a queue. >> reporter: that's the reality in oakland right now. you can look on the board. there one 911 call waiting now. on the weekend there could be three deep, people waiting to get through to talk to a human being. the product of budget cuts not just for police officers but for dispatchers as well, joe vazquez, cbs5. and they terrorize the people at cdc and they terrorize researchers. >> just how hard will it be to pass any kind of federal gun control law? a lesson in the power of the nra at the cdc. >> a seismic shift in the golden state and we aren't talking earthquakes, how the face of california is changing again. ,,,,,,,,,,
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last summer -- has re-opene screening for the lastest ht the colorado movie theater that was the scene of a mass shooting last summer has reopened. a screening of the latest hobbit movie was shown tonight following a somber remembrance ceremony. last july 12 people were killed and dozens more wounded during a screening of the midnight batman movie. cbs news reporter mark straussman explains our next story. >> there is absolutely no question, these are preventible deaths. >> reporter: dr. mark
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rosenberg used to oversee research into gun violence and prevention at the centers for disease control. in 1996 the nra successfully lobbied congress to put this restriction into the cdc's budget. none of the funds made available may be used to advocate or promote gun control. >> these were shots fired across the bow and they terrorized the people at cdc. they terrorized researchers who said whoa, this is scary. i don't want my funding jeopardized. >> reporter: the nra was infuriated with a 1993 study sponsored by the cdc that concluded having a gun at home offered little protection but increased almost threefold the risk of one family member shooting another. cdc funding into gun violence research has plummeted 90 since% since 1996 to just -- 90% since 1996.
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is gun violence a legitimate public health issue? >> absolutely not. the issue of firearm violence is handled as an -- ought to be handled as a law enforcement matter. we don't need the government involved in this. it is all about the big c, control. >> reporter: as part of washington's new gun debate congress has to decide whether to approve president obama's request of $10 million to renew the study of gun violence. >> so forget everything you know about immigration and california. the face of our state is literally changing. cbs5 reporter len ramirez shows us how. >> reporter: california has always been diverse, but now the meting pot it taking on a more asian flavor, a lot more. according to the u.s. census asians have replaced latinos as the biggest group of immigrants coming to the golden state.
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ann jose vice mayor madison gwynn says you can see the change everywhere you look. she's now one of three asian americans on the san jose city council. >> we're seeing this huge shift among asian american immigrants, but again i'm not surprised given the fact that here in the silicon valley we have seen that shift the last decade or so. >> reporter: the numbers show it's a big change. asian immigration is well over two time that of latinos. mexican immigration to the united states both legal and illegal has fallen sharply after decades of surging growth. much has to do with border enforcement, jobs and the california economy. since 2007 there's been less need for unskilled labor and a greater demand for workers with degrees. immigrants from asia, especially india, tend to be more highly educated. >> we see the united states of america as a pretty much gold mountain where we have endless opportunities to achieve. >> reporter: case in point, victor lu, he came to the united states as a refugee from
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vietnam and went into the restaurant supply business 25 years ago today. at 80,000 square feet his store is now one of the largest and most successful of its kind in the south bay. >> my parents both came about 33 years ago with nothing, no english. very limited english still today, but they decided to start a business and it flourished and with everybody's support it is what it is today. >> reporter: in the south bay, len ramirez, cbs5. all this dry weather has put a dent in the snowpack now down from 137% to 109, but look at last year, 12% of normal. any snow on the mountains? any rain in your backyard? i got your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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pauline phillips' column ran in papers across the country for decade. she started at the san francisco chronicle in 1956. the dear abby column was taken over by her daughter in 2002. pauline phillips was 94 years old. >> she was such a great writer and had those great one liners. it was amazing. you're sort of like the dear abby of the news department for the weather. >> sometimes i feel like a psychologist as well as a meteorologist. hey, can you please make it this. >> well, the sunny part is find fien. around here we're enjoying january -- fine. around here we're enjoying jan sunshine. we'll be down near -- january sunshineful we'll be down near freezing -- sunshine. we'll be down near freezing again tomorrow. have you seen this over the past several days? yeah, you -- cbs5 hi-def
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doppler -- you have, cbs5 hi- def doppler completely and utterly dry. last month we had a foot of rainfall and this month we've had 1/2 of 1 inch of rainfall, big change because of this dome of high pressure and it's not moving. the storm track is about 700 miles to our north keeping all the rainfall very far from the bay area. until high pressure moves and i don't see that happening for five or six days, it's stuck here. you're stuck with the sunshine and highs in the 60s and chilly mornings, i know, cry us a river, but that's your forecast for a while. we'll still be cold inland. temperatures down near freezing each night, but afternoons mild with highs in the 60s through next tuesday and the mainly dry weather apparent will be here a while, slight chance of a rain shower next wednesday. that is it. 60s tomorrow, 66 san jose, livermore 60, half moon bay 60
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degrees, walnut year, san ramone, danville, pittsburg, concord right around 60. santa rosa tomorrow 63 degrees. highs in the low 60s in january. we'll do it again saturday, sunday, why not monday? tuesday looking good. i don't see any organized rainfall the next seven days. january sunshine. >> looks pretty. thank you, paul. o ta tiger woods makes such a smooth transition. makes his 2013 debut, we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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away from the nfc championship...we' ll previ the 49ers and falc three days away from the
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championship. >> that's my lead-in. we are just three days away from the nfc championship and we'll preview the 49ers and falcons tomorrow night at 7:00. start the clock, please. under 20 seconds, jennifer brandon put back overtime. in o.t. britney borg goes by everyone. cal wins 71-63. vanna white did not get her birthday wish. santa clara took it to the dust. broncos win 85-54. giants third baseman pablo sandoval has been diagnosed with colitis which is swelling of the large intestine, but he's expected to return within the next 24 to 48 hours. tiger and rory paired together for their season debut. the old man got the better of rory today. tiger sinks the long 30 putt
10:29 pm
from the edge of the good evening finished with an even par 72, woods five strokes off the lead and rory mcilroy eight off the lead. what's interesting is that tiger lost all his endorsements, but he's starting to get some back. he has teamed up with mcilroy for a fantastic commercial. america likes to forgive. give lance armstrong a chance. >> is that your real hair? ,,,,


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